Everyone in Texas should have a Last Will and Testament to spare survivors serious costs and inconvenience. Without a Last Will & Testament, family, beneficiaries and descendants will need a lawyer to file motions and secure a Judge’s Orders to sell property, vehicles, have access to funds, distribute real and personal property, and administer the probate estate.

If you have a Will correctly drafted under Texas Law, then the Judge will issue “Letters Testamentary” to the Executor which operate like a Power of Attorney. The Executor can then act Independently of the Court to administer to the estate, pay bills, sell property, distribute according to the Will, and close the estate with virtually no court participation. The savings in both legal fees and frustration alone are worth the cost of a simple Will.

When a person dies, with a Last Will and Testament, or without, the family needs to have a court legally recognize a person’s death and take care of his or her real and personal property, debts, collectively called “the estate”. One files a Petition in Probate Court to start the process, gathers information, provides and Inventory, pays debts, resolves disputes, distributes assets according to the Will, and then closes the Probate case.

The McNaught Law Firm provides Last Will and Testaments for individuals and families in Boerne, Kerrville, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Hill Country, in Kendall, Bexar, Comal and Kerr Counties.