The McNaught Law Firm provides Collaborative Family Law Services to those in the San Antonio, Boerne, New Braunfels, & Texas Hill Country area who prefer this practical, safe, and structured approach to resolving divorce issues. San Antonio Collaborative Law and Hill Country Collaborative Law areas are included in these services.

The Smarter Approach to Divorce

Collaborative Law is a client-centered approach that offers the best process for divorce. It resolves your divorce within a safe and supportive structure and private environment using legal and other professionals. The entire process operates outside of a contentious public court system.

Collaborative Law is an alternative process in the Texas Family Code that satisfies the public policy of this state to encourage the peaceful resolution of disputes involving parents, children, and family relationships.

Collaborative Law is a practical and direct approach. Parties and lawyers agree to use good faith, neutral professionals, and best efforts to resolve divorce issues by agreement based on shared interests. Collaborative lawyers are specially trained to solve family law problems entirely outside of the court system. The process uses lawyers and neutral professionals from finance and family counseling in a series of structured, supportive, & focused meetings and conferences.

Divorce is a very complex, multidimensional, and difficult process. It is the end of a marriage and redefinition of a functional family. Divorce involves emotional, legal, economic, parenting, community, relational and psychic components. Individuals should strive to get through the complicated, state regulated divorce process with as little intrusion, intimidation, fear, or additional damage as possible. In Collaborative Law, clients take control and are fully informed and well educated by a team of professionals in a safe structured environment to make the best decisions for their families.

Divorce is disorienting, disorderly, confusing, chaotic, and frightening. You need to understand what is happening, where things are headed, and have a safe and supportive process as you experience the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of divorce.

Children in Collaborative Law:

Litigation and the emotional bitterness of contested proceedings damage children often in irreparable ways. This negatively impacts healthy child development and future co parenting. Psychological studies show that a negative divorce has life long consequences for a child.

In Collaborative Law, clients and counsel can include a child specialist or family therapist to craft arrangements so children remain emotionally healthy throughout and after the divorce process.

Keep in mind:

The collaborative family law process is the most direct, resourceful, efficient, proactive, client centered and counseling-based, emotionally healthy way to dissolve relationships.

This is an emotionally safe process. If the process fails, the original lawyers withdraw. They cannot be called as witnesses to testify, the conference discussions are excluded from evidence, and the parties hire new lawyers to go into the court system. However, even at this point, the collaborative process has set a constructive tone for a court-imposed resolution.

The McNaught Law Firm provides services for the Collaborative Family Law in San Antonio Boerne, New Braunfels, & Texas Hill Country and can to help you resolve your divorce in a safe and structured process that avoids damage to children families and couples.